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Laura was a straight A student and came from a good, Christian home. She even admits that she had a great childhood. So when she entered junior high and started partying and drinking every night, she thought it was just a normal thing kids did. Her senior year started to fall apart when she was called out for distributing alcohol to some students who had brought it with them to band and got intoxicated.

At the age of 17, Laura was tried as an adult and sent to jail for the first time. Her actions resulted in being suspended from school and sent to alternative school where her grades fell and she met her boyfriend who would introduce her to friends and a lifestyle into partying and pain pills. She managed to graduate and found out shortly she was pregnant. Her life spiraled quickly out of control when she lost her baby  and her only coping was what she remembered through the pain pills. She began incorporating harder drugs to numb the pain which led to  using meth and after the tragic death of her best friend, found herself on the street and using heroine.

Through theft, Laura landed in jail multiple times to finally be sentenced to 2 years parole and a treatment facility, the House of T.I.M.E. It was through the House of T.I.M.E, she was able to learn a regimen of how to become accountable and to pick up the pieces in her life and discover the potential of what she can be without drugs.

Learn more about  The House of T.I.M.E. through Laura’s extra video:

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