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Campaign Toolkit

Raising funds for OUR COMMUNITY

Every fall, United Way has a campaign to raise funds to support services and programs in our community. Our donors give to United Way through payroll deductions, corporate gifts, or one-time gifts.

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​​Be a part of the movement.

It’s our goal to make a lasting impact in the Chattahoochee Valley. United Way donors make reaching that goal possible. United Way is always looking for people to share their gifts of time, talent, and financial resources. One of the greatest things you can do for your community helps coordinate and promote a United Way campaign within your company. Your efforts are essential in helping United Way address our community’s most pressing issues. Inspire change by running a United Way campaign. 

If you have questions about running a workplace campaign, reach out to our campaign Staff.

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Impact videos

Campaign Resources

It’s important that your workplace campaign is engaging, concise, educational, & fun!

Consider & Plan the Following below with your committee:

  • Engagement Opportunities before Kickoff!
    • Contact your staff liaison about a Corporate Volunteer project or visit our Volunteer Center
    • Company Impact Tours- we need 5 or more from your company to schedule tours. These tours are of our internal strategies or our funded programs and let your employees see their dollars at work! Tours take between 30 minutes -1 hour per agency or program. Contact your staff liaison to get a tour scheduled.
  • Special Events help bring fun & excitement to your UWCV Campaign + helps generate extra dollars towards your campaign goal!
  • Incentives are a great way to increase engagement & bring attention to your UWCV Campaign. Discuss what are good incentives for your employees with your committee and get approval from Company Leadership in advance of your campaign kickoff.
  • Plan your Campaign Timeline. Campaigns usually last between 1 week – 1 month. Plan a start date that will include a large kickoff to bring attention to the start of your campaign. Plan an end date and communicate this timeline with all staff.
    • Communication is key! Use these email templates to keep in touch with all your employees throughout the campaign.
    • Build & delegate a follow-up plan with your committee to ensure every employee had the opportunity to give and submit their pledge.
      • Do you need virtual or hybrid options? Check out this information to learn more.
  • Plan Your Kickoff! Plan how you can get all your employees together to learn about United Way; this could be one large in-person meeting or several small meetings.
  • Wrap-Up & Thank All Employees! Let your employees know how much they collectively raised and thank them for their gift!
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