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May 5, 2020: Coronavirus Community Call

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National and State Update-Ben Moser

Ben gave the following updates for Day 54 of the National Emergency over the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 from national, state and local news sources:

  • The widely used Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation model raised its fatality projections on Monday to more than 134, 000 American deaths by early August from COVID-19. The model more than doubled its previous projection
  • Britain on Tuesday became the first country in Europe to confirm more than 30,000 coronavirus deaths and infections rose sharply again in Russia even as other nations made great strides in taming the virus. China marked its third week with no new virus deaths and South Korea restarted its professional baseball season
  • The U. S. numbers, at least 1,175,000 cases have been reported and 68,172 people have died from the coronavirus in the United States
  • In Georgia, more than 400 million in federal emergency aide will flow to public schools in Georgia after state education officials accepted money from the Cares Act Coronavirus Relief Fund on Monday
  • In Alabama, Representative Chris Blackshear was unable to join the call today. This is his report:  There are 8,112 confirmed cases in the state of Alabama as of this morning; 403 cases in Lee County with 28 deaths; 302 cases in Chambers Count with 21 deaths; 63 cases in Russell County with 0 deaths; 103,302 Alabamians have been tested; 1,080 total hospitalized and  298 confirmed deaths
United States Congressman, Alabama Update-Mike Rogers

Congressman Rogers gave the following updates:

  • Appreciates the opportunity to join the call
  • The Senate returned to session on yesterday; the House is not in session but hopes to return next Monday, May 11, 2020 in some fashion
  • Congressman Rogers serves on the House Armed Services Committee
  • This House Armed Services Committee is responsible for the National Defense Authorization Act which is a bill that authorizes the military for the next year
  • The National Defense Authorization Act is a very important piece of legislation that authorizes $750 billion dollars
  • The House has been passing the National Defense Authorization Act bill each year for nearly 60 years.  It takes time to get this bill drafted and ready for passage on the House floor and they are behind due to the pandemic
  • There is a plan for a 4th major relief bill, part relief funding and part recovery funding with an infrastructure component
  • It has been recognized during this pandemic that having to work remotely has demonstrated our deficiency in internet access and broadband; he does expect to see a federal initiative to enhance broadband capabilities
  • Vigorous effort to repatriate the production of a lot of things that we have allowed to be manufactured overseas, i.e. simple things like antibiotics; bring back manufacturing to this country; national security essential

Columbus Area Updates

Department of Public Health (Columbus Health Department) Update-Natalie Man

Natalie gave the following updates:

  • As of this morning, there are 336 cases in Muscogee County with 7 deaths; 65 hospitalized
  • Out of the 336, the median age of those infected is 51 years old
  • The number of positive cases appear to be leveling off
  • There are 1,510 cases in the 16-county district with 87 deaths; 357 hospitalized
  • Out of the 336 cases in Muscogee County 146 have underlying conditions, 79 have no underlying conditions and 111 are unknown
  • This Saturday, May 9, 2020 there will be no testing at the Columbus Health Department, instead testing will take place at Shirley Winston Park at 5025 Steam Mill Road from 9:00am until 12:00noon
Columbus Area Vulnerable Population Update
Home for Good Update-Pat Frey

Pat gave the following updates:

  • Nothing new to report today
Coronavirus Response Fund (Crisis Fund) Update-Betsy Covington

Betsy gave the following updates:

  • Today is Giving Tuesday and a great opportunity to donate to the Fund and double your donation with the AFLAC match. Go to cfcv.com/coronavirus to donate
  • This week’s grant awards will be announced on tomorrow
  • Inspiring to see the work being done in this community also tough knowing that there is so much hardship

Open Forum Updates

New Horizon Behavioral Health-Susan Gallagher

Susan gave the following updates:

  • Kudos to the National Guard from Forsyth (2nd Battalion of 121st Infantry) for cleaning their facility in Randolph County (Cuthbert), GA
Twin Cedars Update-Rosalind Alston

Rosalind gave the following updates:

  • Kudos to Stewart Community Home for sharing their mask surplus with other community agencies

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