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Autism Awareness

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions about autism. Are these statements true or are they myths? Your answers will be kept private for your own learning journey. We will have an opportunity to discuss these at our staff meeting.

Thank you for participating!

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Autism can be referred to as ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder.
People with autism have a special talent.
People with autism are best suited for jobs that entail repetitive tasks.
People with autism cannot form relationships.
People with autism can’t stand to be touched.
There is no cure for autism.
The appearance of autism is relatively new.
Something in the environment is causing autism to be more common.
Autism can be reliably diagnosed by age 2, but children may be diagnosed at earlier ages.
You can only be diagnosed as a child.
Autism is a childhood condition.
Autism is more common in boys.
Autism can be outgrown.
Some individuals with autism prefer being called Autistic. Some prefer Aspie. Some prefer “person with autism.”
Recently, there is an autism epidemic going on.
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