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Our Dedicated Staff


The United Way staff is dedicated to creating a collaborative, resilient region where every person can thrive.

United Way is committed to the people in the valley, working to advance equity and achieve child, family and community well-being.


Ben Moser President and CEO
Becky Fletcher Vice President, Major Gifts & Endowment
Edith Wells Executive Assistant
Brookie Tate
Leadership Circle Donor
If you are looking for superheroes, look at the agencies, the volunteers, and the donors of United Way. They’re the real heroes.
Kevin Cobb
Volunteer: Pratt & Whitney
Volunteering with the United Way allows me to see the impact that the organization has on families here in the Chattahoochee Valley.
Patrick Dietz
ELU Board Member
Volunteering as part of the community investment team helped me not only see where my United Way contributions went, but I learned so much about the services that United Way partners offer!
Len Sexton
Legacy Society Chair
What sets United Way apart is their focus on lasting solutions. We’ve seen a lot of changes in our community, but the one thing that never changes is our shared commitment to the Chattahoochee Valley.

Community Impact

Neashada Agbasi Community School Coordinator- Brewer
Britney Blackmon Community School Coordinator- Dorothy Height
Tamara Campbell Outreach Coordinator, Community Schools United
Sidney Houck Manager, Community Schools United
Candace Muncy Manager, 211 & Impact
Grace Nagel Director, The Basics
Pam Romero Director, Community Schools United
Jennifer St John Chief Impact Officer

Development & Engagement

Chandra Wright Chief Development Officer
Anna Cannon Manager, Development
Rachel Chambless Director, Engagement
Lauren Lynn Manager, Marketing & Communications
Lindsey Platts Director, Marketing & Communications
Haley Ramey Director, Development
Valerie Ward Manager, Development & Data

Finance & Operations

Erika Cottingham Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Shay Batton Specialist, Finance & Operations
Denise Guthrie Manager, Accounts Receivable & Special Events

Home for Good

Pat Frey Vice President, Home For Good
Cathy DeVane Specialist, HMIS/CES, Home For Good
Eric McClure Outreach Case Manager, Home for Good
Denise McWhorter Administrative Assistant, Home For Good
Charles Jeffries Case Manager, Home for Good
Tammie Redding Manager, Coordinated Entry, Home For Good
Terry Gallups Director, Home for Good